Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FACULTY NEWS: Professor Berens, Assistant Professor of Art, opens up "Of No Particular Interest"

Installation View.

In February 2011, Stephen Berens, assistant professor Department of Art, opened Of No Particular Interest (A Direct Comparison), a site-specific installation in Los Angeles, 5102 Townsend Avenue. This installation consists of two 2’ x 16’ panoramic photographs shot at different times of day (pictured left). The framing of the panoramas was determined by the view out of the large windows of the building itself, allowing for a direct comparison between the images and the view from within the site itself. The installation brings into crisp focus the differences inherent in the experience of viewing photographs of the world versus the experience of the world itself.

This projects bring up the question, how do photographs transform even the most mundane place into something interesting? And, if they do, does it make any difference what we photograph?

If you would like to visit the exhibition, you can contact Professor Berens directly (visits are by appointment only) at berens@chapman.edu. 

View more photos of this exhibit.  

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