Tuesday, March 1, 2011

EVENT NEWS: Measure for Measure, curated by Lisa Randall & Lia Halloran, Mar. 2-16

Measure for Measure is an essay that was famously adapted into the 1977 short film "Powers of 10" by the architects and artists, Charles and Ray Eames which also emphasizes the body's relationship to scale and our desire to identify the boundaries of the very large and very small. Although the range between these two boundaries is conceptually dramatic, artists have many ways to show relationship, consistency and parallels in structure and form that are worlds away in size. Our relationship to the scale of things can makes us question and perceive the world in new and various ways. Recognizable objects and spaces in architecture and nature get reinterpreted and reinvigorated in our thoughts and perceptions when viewed from a different vantage point or a shift in scale. This show explores both how scale affects what things are as well as the various ways people and artists recognize and represent scale at numerous levels. This exhibit was originally installed at the Los Angeles Art Association, 825 Gallery in Los Angeles, a non-profit space that focuses on emerging artists.

This exhibit is curated by Lisa Randall & Lia Halloran and features: Elizabeth Tobias, Susan Sironi, Katrina McElroy, Meeson Pae Yang, Felicity Nove, Barbara Parmet and Zig Gron beginning Wednesday, March 2 through Wednesday, March 16 in Guggenheim Gallery. For more information, please call 714.997.6729.

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