Tuesday, May 10, 2011

STUDENT NEWS: Social Sciences Awards Ceremony, May 6

On Friday, May 6, 2011, the annual 2011 Ludie and David C. Henley Social Sciences Awards Ceremony for Wilkinson College of Humanities and Social Sciences took place Sandhu Conference Center.

Below is a list of the student winners.

On behalf of Wilkinson College, congratulations!

Communication Studies:
For academic achievement in Communication Studies: Kyle Aldridge, Allyson Bass, LauraJean Berger, Lauren Bruschi, Kathleen Castro, Brian Chandra, Diana Chao, Caitlin Di Fede, Kelli Dobbins, Michelle Freeman, Mary Gardiner, Noelle Hum, Raose Urbanovich, Amanda Totman, Hannah Thomas, Ashley Tecson, Heather Silveira, Anne Portwood, William Miller, Jake McIntyre, Shea Ledbetter, Mallory Jackson, Alexandra Kiesselbach, Daniel Kalahele, Kylie Latham
Richard Watson Outstanding Student Award: Nicole Hum
Bill Womack Inspirational Senior Award: Jake McIntyre
Pat Doetkott Award: Michelle Freeman
Outstanding Contribution to Chapman Radio: Tiffany Corlin

History Department:
Academic achievement in History: Alissa Caton, Laura Hennem, Mark Johnston, Chelsea Judy, Kirsten Moore, Elizabeth Parker
History Award for Academic Excellence: Kirsten Moore

Peace Studies Program:
Academic achievement in Peace Studies: Cori Bogle, Kelly Dona, Roberta 'Joey' Huddleston, Katlin Kane, Aaron Jaques
Paul Delp Award in Peace Studies: Robert 'Joey' Huddleston

Political Science Department:
Academic achievement in Political Science: Nolan Dunbar, Mark Johnston, Paul Kim, Jeyoung Lee, Nathan Zencey, Nicolle Tellier, Tracy Price, Sophia Nabavi
Political Science Citizen-Scholar Award: Nicole Tellier and Nathan Zencey

Sociology Department:
Academic achievement in Sociology: Robert 'Joey Huddleston, Lexi Risner, Kiersten Eberle, Noelani Anderson, Diana Chao, Rebekah Munson
Sociology Award for Academic Excellence: Robert 'Joey' Huddleston and Kiersten Eberle

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