Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FACULTY NEWS: Department of Communication Studies

Wenshan Jia, Ph.D., associate professor, Department of Communication Studies, Wilkinson College, delivered a keynote address titled “Sino-globalization and the Intercultural Paradigm of Management” at The First International Conference on Eastern-Western Cultures and Management cosponsored by the Research Center for Eastern-Western Cultures and Management and the Intercultural Research Institute, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, June 18-20, 2010.
Dr. Jia was also invited as Guest Speaker on “Paradigms of Intercultural Research in Contemporary China” at the second part of the Sino-German Conference Series on Intercultural Communication at Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China, June 14-17, 2010.
Other recent presentations include: a five-part lecture series “Frontiers of Intercultural Studies” featuring his own research accomplishments for the faculty of School of Journalism, People’s University of China, May 31-June 9, 2010; “The Impact of Values and Identities on Cross-Cultural Conflicts and their Management in Multinational Corporations” at the panel “the Intersections of Cultures, Communication and Conflicts in Organizational Settings: The Case Studies of China”, June Singapore, June 24, 2010; “Face (Image) vs. Power:  a Comparative Perspective on the American and Chinese Models of Global Communication” presented at the preconference “Chindia:  Implications for Global Communication, at the 2010 International Communication Association Annual Convention, Singapore, June 22-26, 2010; and an interview on “Towards Achieving a Breakthrough Development of Intercultural Communication Studies in China” on “Dialogues with Distinguished Scholars”, China Academy for Social Sciences Weekly Scholarly Journal published in Chinese on August 26, 2010 at
Dr. Jia has also won several book awards with colleague Cassie Lynch, including:
  • “Outstanding Academic Book” in Choice of American Library Association, 2010, with the chapter “An intercultural communication model of international relations:  the case of China” in Y. Hao & G. Wei (Eds.) Challenges to Chinese foreign policy:  diplomacy, globalization and the next world power (pp. 319-333).  Louisville, KT:  University Press of Kentucky;
  • “Outstanding Academic Book” in Choice of American Library Association, 2010, with an entry “Hu Jintao” (updated, revised and expanded for reprint). book Berkshire Encyclopedia of China edited by Linsun Cheng & Kerry Brown et al (Berkshire Publishing Group LLC. 2009) in which Wenshan Jia & Cassie Lynch published an entry “Hu Jintao” (updated, revised and expanded for reprint, pp. 1075-1077
  • “The Best Reference” from Library Journal, again for “Hu Jintao.”

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